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Navigating test runs

Table of contents

  1. Landing page
  2. Test runs
  3. Trends

Landing page

After logging in the user is redirected to his or her personal landig page. It contains deeplinks to the Test runs view with preset filters on either the team(s) of the user or the systems under test that those teams are responsible for.

The Test runs that may require your attention section shows test runs with failed checks not yet visited by the user.

In the top right of the screens there are notifications for the user that are created on several events, like test runs with failed checks and new comments on test runs.

Test runs

Click the rocket icon in the sidebar to open the Test runs view.

Test run selector

Use the Test run selector to filter test runs on System under test, Test environment and Workload. Switch to Team mode to filter on Team.

Running tests

The Running tests section shows any currenty running tests matching the filters in the Test run selector.

Click the Test run ID to open the running test view. This view has two tabs:

Configure the Service Level Indicators and Grafana Dashboards via the items under the Settings section in the sidebar.

Recent runs

The Recent runs section shows finished test runs matching the filters in the Test run selector. The runs are sorted on date, the most recent on top.

Recent runs

The table has a number of columns:

  • Test run meta data like System under test, Version, Workload, Test environment, Test run ID, Start, End and Duration
  • The info icon is displayed when annotations are added to the test run. Hover over the icon to see the annotations.
  • The report icon is shown when a report has been created. Click the icon to see the report.
  • The result column displays the (consolidated) result, but only when checks are created for the test runs.
  • The comments icon shows the number of comments, if comments exist. The icon is blue when there are unread comments.
  • A trashcan icon shows when the user is allowed to delete test runs for the system under test. Delete multiple test runs at once using the checkboxes and by clicking the trashcan in the table header.

The Trends tab in the Test runs page appears when multiple test runs are available with the same Test environment and Workload properties. There are trends for the defined Service Level Indicators. Select a period and each test run in that time frame is marked as a vertical line. Hover over the base of the line to see the test run id and the version. Click on version number link in the hover to go directly to the test run details.


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